Do you currently have any idea of the condition of your power from your electrical provider?

Voltage Regulation & Surge Protection:
~ Every outlet in the home is now protected by robust surge protection. (Surge protection you couldn’t reach before, like dishwashers, etc.)
~ Nano-surges degrade home video picture quality – now picture perfect.  (Clear TV or computer picture while the vacuum is running.)
~ Nano-surges degrade home audio sound quality – now pitch perfect.  (Clear audio sound when the fridge kicks on.)

Real-time A/C Phase Correction (PFC):
~ Less inductance & improved power factor will consistently increase efficiency.
~ Reduced electrical consumption means less amps being converted into heat and wasted in I2R losses.  (As a result equipment runs more efficiently, operates cooler & lasts longer.)
~ Increased life for all electronics
~ Reduced electrical consumption = Lower utility bills.

Negative Harmonics & Electrical Noise Reduction:
~ Advanced negative harmonics filtration and recapturing system is wired for total system health.

Electro Magnetic Field Reduction:
~ Much has been written on the harmful effects of EMF’s and 3rd party data has shown our products to drastically reduce EMF and radiation.

​10 Year Warranty – Made in the U.S.A.