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Protect your family, your investments and save money!
Saves Money

Removes EMF
Electro Magnetic Field

Satic is committed to the design, development and manufacturing of energy saving products designed to be inexpensive, easy to use and truly effective. We are absolutely committed to getting our products to the masses and create the change our world and economy needs. In doing so, we help everyone effectively “Go Green,” saving money and
the planet. 
Less inductance & improved power factor will consistently increase efficiency. Reduced electrical consumption means less amps being converted into heat and wasted in I2R losses.  (As a result equipment runs more efficiently, operates cooler & lasts longer.)
Increased life for all electronics, which results in reduced electrical consumption
Much has been written on the harmful effects of Electro Magnetic Fields and Electro Magnetic Radiation. Third party data has shown our products to drastically reduce  both.
Satic’s Energy Management Systems (EMS) such as the Power Perfect Box and EMF Eliminator correct the electrical system in a home or office in real time.  This reduces heat, lowers amperage and lessens the harmful effects of “electric noise” and negative harmonics that are usually found in most electrical systems

= Lower Utility Bills!

How does it work?
K2 Energy Management takes pride in offering American Made energy saving products that not only help reduce our customer's energy consumption, but also helps our planet by reducing their carbon footprint.

Even though consumers are charged for 100% of their electricity intake, statistics show that actually only 75-80% of that is usable power. Our products help increase that percentage, usually to over 95%. 

People invest a great deal of money in their homes in the form of appliances, electronics, heating & cooling, swimming pools & hot tubs, etc.  Our Power Perfect Box will help protect those investments.


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